A few days in Boston

The last few days Sarah and I have been exploring Boston and visiting her brother Christian. It is now raining so we are taking a day indoors watching band of brothers episodes and playing on the internet. Our feet are so exhausted from the last 3 days of non-stop walking so really the rain is right on time!

Our first day we spent learning the “T” system (Boston’s subway) and the walking the “Freedom trail” which is a 3 mile walk from central to north-east Boston highlighting the state buildings, churches and other historic sites that server a purpose during the revolution of the nation.

The paintings at the state house especially moved me. After learning early American history through the economic lens of common college history classes, I was surprised by the art in these historic locations. A number of paintings in the State house make it quite clear that the early revolutionaries viewed themselves as a people who knew “The God of Israel” and were acting out in His providence. I was inspired to imagine how the people that were drafting documents of independence from England had even a minute understanding of how they were authoring such an amazing nation.

Our second day involved a day of successful shoe shopping for Sarah, visiting the MIT campus and technology museum, then heading out for fresh oysters and a wonderful meal.

This morning we headed out the museum of fine arts mainly for a textile exhibit, which we later found out was under construction. We had fun nonetheless, seeing modern work such as Picasso, early American arts and crafts furniture, and ancient Egyptian sculpture.


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