Going to EDUCAUSE 2006

On monday I will be leaving for the 2006 national EDUCAUSE meeting in Dallas, TX. This year the three keynote speakers are:

  • Vinton Cerf – CIO Google – “Uncovering the Science in Computer Science”
  • Ray Kurzwell – Founder Kurzwell Technology
  • Georga Neugent – President of Kenyon College

There are also a number of breakout sessions I am interested in attending. Here are a few:

From Today’s CMS to Tomorrow’s Learning Support System

Higher education has successfully embraced the notion and implementation of course management systems (CMSs) as the newest element of the integrated enterprise information technology infrastructure. This provocative session will focus on what we must do next to support truly transformational approaches to learning for the next generations of students. The session represents the impact and potential for which EDUCAUSE has selected course management systems for recognition through its inaugural Catalyst Award.

Gaming as Pedagogy: Teaching College Economics via a Video Game

Videogames are highly effective for teaching complex concepts and keeping students engaged. Our presentation will feature ECON100, an online game for college credit now under development at UNCG. ECON100 not only teaches economic principles, it incorporates multidisciplinary content, online chat tools for student collaboration, and built-in assessment to evaluate learning.

Understanding and Improving Learning in the Online Environment

Accompanying the rapid growth in online education is concern over the effectiveness and quality of teaching and learning. This presentation will share the results of four studies of “eCore,” fully online undergraduate core courses. Collectively, these studies provide empirical-based findings to guide faculty engagement and student learning in the online environment.

Verbal Immediacy: Effective Online Interactions

This session will describe the results of a study investigating the effect of visual and verbal immediacy cues on interaction, motivation, and learning in an undergraduate course delivered completely online. Implications for instructional design and teaching in a technology-mediated learning environment will be described.
Educause is arranged so that for each break out time, there are about 15 sessions broken into 7 tracks based on the subject. Tracks include topics such as IT infrastructure and facility development for learning enviroments, and security. I am most interested in spending time in track 7 which deals with emerging teaching styles and technologies. In this this track there is a focus on reporting back data about how paticual cutting-edge inititives functioned.

During the conference I will be carting around my MacBookPro and will be running skype (id: gagnonmadison) and I have been debating doing some podcasting as well. We will see how that goes, but expect back reports of what I am learning, who I am meeting, and possibly some audio and photos.


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