The best online instructional practices – Hussein Adbul-Hamid (U of Maryland)

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Full notes are available from Best instructional design principles
Example Findings from study of 140 courses and 120 faculty

Each of these are associated with 10-20% increase in success outcomes and a 5-12% reduction in withdrawal rate:

  • Providing Continuous feedback
  • Incorporating learning modules
  • Drawing from experience and introduce students to cultures and subcultures
  • Providig opportunities for collaborative learning
  • Encouraging multiple approaches to solving problems
  • Encouraging goal incorporation into course

Implications to Design and Instructions

  • Create clear course objectives and expectations
  • Create well-structured content and intellectually challenging design
  • Utilize Real-life application, incorporating different backgrounds, encouraging students to challenge their own assumptions.
  • Build on the diversity of the students
  • Carefully design assignments and activities
  • Use structured textbooks and learning modules
  • Train faculty to help students interact with the designed content while focusing on learning.

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