Vinton G. Cerf – Google Chief Internet Evangelist

General Session - Educause - Vinton G. Cerf

Vinton was an excellent way to kick of the annual EDUCAUSE in Dallas. I have attached the Tuesday Morning Notes – Cerf, but here are the highlights.

Full video is available here: Mediasite – Uncovering Computer Science

New Internet Statistics

  • There are about 400,000,000 servers
  • There are 1,000,000,000 users
  • There are now 2,500,000,000 mobile devices
    • How does this influence how we are designing content?
  • Asia is the main source of Internet use
    • What Will the influx of languages mean for the content on the Internet

Computer Science may be an oxymoron

  • We have only a few real CS theories, but much of our work is done through brute force solutions
  • Many of the most important things (how long it takes a program to run, does it have bugs, security issues) we do not have working theories in place for
  • Some solutions to the security problems we are facing are growing, such as digital certificates that will protect the DNS system created back in 1979

Information Decay (when digital files will not be accessible in te future because the software that made them is not available) is a real problem.

User Driven / Self Service ways of thinking have changed the way we look at things

  • Will the amazon culture effect Education?
  • Net neutrality may take this power away

We need a new national program to boost interest in CS, Engineering and Tech

  • CS enrolments are droping
  • Global warming may be a new challenge that can invigorate our education system like sputnik did.

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