No more McDonald’s

Sarah is away in Jamacia this week and I have been home working on the basement until I join her next week. Normally both of us (and our roommates) cook 4 nights a week and spend long evenings enjoying food and conversation.

Within 48 hours of her being gone, I was eating fast food for every meal. My excuse was that I was at work all day and doing a basement remodel all night and it was the best use of time to stay focused on the work (and eat junk because it is immediate).

Tonight I rebel against fast food and even have a little recipe to share that came from the leftovers of the winter harvest and a piece of frozen fish I had in the house. I wanted to do something in the oven because I want to keep working in the basement, but wanted something nice nonetheless. So here goes:

Herb rubbed, grilled Salmon steak with balsamic rosemary roasted beets, carrots and garlic fennel new potatoes.

dinner 1 salmon steak3-4 small carrots

4-5 medium sized beets

8 new potatoes

Good quality sea salt, rosemary, fennel powder, olive oil

lemon pepper, oregano, marjoram, fresh garlic

Preheat oven to 400 deg and cut beets into half. Roughly cut 3 or so carrots into 2″ pieces. On a baking sheet make a small packet out of aluminum foil and fill with 1Tbsp of olive oil and the roots. Add a generous pinch of fresh rosemary or dried if that is all you have. Fold the foil over and seal the edges, then throw it in the oven. (Notice I didn’t bother to skin the beets. This is a fast meal and the skins taste great after they have cooked anyway)

While that is cooking, slice up some scrubbed new potatoes (or red or yukon gold if you must) into 1/2″ – 3/4″ pieces with the skin on (same story as the beets). Throw them in another baking pan with about two glugs of olive oil and 4-5 skin-on garlic cloves. The garlic will roast to a sweet and smooth delight if you leave the skin on and it will come off really easy when done roasting. After the beets have been in for about 15 minutes, throw in the potatoes and garlic.

Flip the potatoes after 20 minutes or so.

After both veggies have cooked for about 45 minutes and the potatoes are getting a browned skin and are nice and soft, get out your fish steak and pat dry with a paper towel.

Mix up some minced garlic, some salt, some oregano and freshly ground pepper (Get a cheap grinder asap if you don’t have one) in a small bowl. Coat the fish with oil then press the herbs on the meat. Get on as much as you can!

I used a cast iron griddle over the stove because it is like 10deg outside right now, but a grill would be best. Get it nice and hot then throw the fish on. Let it cook for about 10 minutes then flip once and cook for another 5-7 minutes. The fish should be opaque when it is done. I usually lean on the side of rare than have to deal with a dried out fish biscuit.

Ok, now finish up by adding a bunch of fennel, majoram, salt and lemon pepper to the potatoes and some balsamic to the beets and carrots. Throw it on a plate and enjoy a slow food meal that was made while getting other things done.


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