Games for Science

Tiger Sharks and 3d minigames

You have to love Dan, Dan and Alex of Filament Games In their demo of Uncharted Depths they are showing a bit of the scientific reasoning process that goes into understanding population densities of different animals. 

Field experiments are performed and sharks are collected, then you check out the contents of their stomaches and find out of if they are really eating all the baby seals. This data is stored like an inventory item and these are used to make a scientific argument (like Phoenix Wright). 

he complexity of these questions builds up to the final question: How to solve the problem of shark overpopulation. The model is tight, experiments and arguments, repeat. Though I would hate to see zero punctuation take a crack at it, this is one of the best examples of educational gaming I’ve seen to date.

I’m personally challenged on how my designs can integrate this notion of building a theory.


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