The space of education is changing

C. Ondrejka

Things are getting smaller faster better in every way. There are some trends that are a bit intersting:

  • People are wearing tech
  • The web is getting better (despite identit, offline access)
  • Everything is connecting to PLACE
 What else can we collect to make data more interesting? Emotion…
For virtual worlds, its all about browsers and portable devices.
What do we use them for?
  • Presence – Where are you, are you moving, etc
  • Life Logging – Its comming! Should the default be to stream everything?
  • How do we wanange multiple identities (second life, second life work, personal, etc)
But interfaces are the same! Mouse plus keyboard
There are a lot of things converging, should it be a feild? 
  • Establish common vocab
  • Preserve knowledge
  • etc.
This whole thing is really encouraging. I’m seeing someone tell me that our work to utilize the portable devices is indeed interesting. Will ARIS be the gateway into this new field for our team? 

The Halversons

Redefinition of GLS society into participatory media experiences. 
Fan practice tries to retrace the primary activities (for example a baseball player trade), but fantasy games feed this back. This model of previous knowledge and reinterpreted primary actions combining into fantasy play can be reused for any data rich environment.

Mr Jim Gee

Linguistics, Education, Video Games.
We need to make a choice about paradigms. Many complex systems are interacting and biting us in the butt. We are on the cusp of this stuff being unsolvable (see book: plan b). Food, water, oil, etc, they are all interconnected.
21st century skills are all about thinking about complex systems.

Passion communities:

  • recruit
  • manage
  • find solutions

The passion communities with (amateur knowledge) often come up with better solutions! So why are we leaving the hard stuff to politicians? There are passion communities around everything (sims, modding wow, etc) and have/create experts in that field who are very unlikely. Ex: the failure girl who learns photoshop at an expert level to design clothes for the sims and has 400 people downloading her designs.)

These people are PROSUMERS

Producing, but not for money. They get social status, control, fun

 Same girl, still no good at school, now moved into second life. When interviewed, she doesn’t want to be a fashion designer. She wants to work with computers because they give you power.

The future of education is not to design games, but game like systems. 

Let’s talk about Portal. The whole game has you running around in a bunch of labs using the portal gun, but the last phase puts you in a real world, with sno suggestions. You have to transfer to succeeded. The game wants to give you a tool that let’s you see the world in a new way. It let’s you see the (my word) AFFORDANCES OF THE KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM.

Empathy for a complex system.

Example: Modding – Experts theorizing their play and building a tool to support that theory. Better than the designers!


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