Augmented Reality

The OAR Platform for building AR games

At MIT, a PocketPC based platform has been made to author AR games. They use the terms light AR and heavy AR defining how much R is really added. For example, heavy AR involves a complete replacement of reality whereas light AR augments in smaller ways. Our ARIS project is defiantly trying to reuse as much of the physical world as possible.

The OAR platform is much for science process oriented than ARIS

Kurt Squire’s reflections on Mobile Media

Existing portable devices: clickers, ar, etc.
Not very good computers: small screen, input sux, poor storage
Mobile media does some things well: portable, social, context
Approaching Ubiquity : They are becoming more common

Emerging Mobile Practices: Cocooning, GeoCaching, Flash Mobs, Citizen Journalism, Unsanctioned Info, Co presence like Daily Cos

Remediating of Place: Augmented, Leveraging Space, Students as Artifics

Like it or not, Kids are going to be online. (What are we going to do?)


  • Collective Intelligence
  • Designing a new solution FOR REAL. example: saving lake wingra. The students go a play a game about the green bush neighborhood, have a class time to redevelop a new city development plan, then had a resolution passed to have “green bush” day to tell the story of what happened there.

Reflection: Heck yeah. lets be designing our games to enable folks to change their world. Where do we start?

The Zoo Game in the OAR engine

Tensions: looking down at computer screen vs the roaring lion, not much time (in school), filed trips=day off mentality, need chaperones, better if free standing without prep/followup.

Prototype 1: Too much text (ESL students) , Too Many decision (cognitive load), Only one player has info

Prototype 2: Tutorial needed to be smoother

Comment: Mobile Documentation – Group in Amazon documented , NPR maps- like activity to understand space.

Madison AR Games

As high tech as things get, you are still sitting in front of a computer. Outside is a great place to create stories. You know, the place where our bodies actually are. Many of the games that have come out of the local games lab have been outside in the wild.


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