Open Courseware Consortium Toolkit Launch

The OpenCourseWare Consortium encourages the creation of OpenCourseWare projects at institutions around the world. There are currently over 6,000 institutions participating in different ways and provide resources on how to become a part of the movement. These are the benefits:

  • Institution – Advances the institutional mission, stimulates innovation, and generates alumni and community pride.
  • Academic departments – Showcases departments’ offerings, enhances faculty and student recruitment, accelerates adoption of digital materials in teaching, and fosters collaboration among faculty.
  • Faculty – Provides a new vehicle for contributing to faculty members’ discipline, affords greater visibility for themselves and their work, provides a valuable service to faculty for enhancing the presentation of course materials, provides an information resource and embraces faculty values.
  • Students – Helps plan their courses of study and provides supplementary study materials.
Here are some of the interesting Universities that are participating from the US:
UC Berkley – They have posted a few dozen courses in webcast format just for the Fall 08 semester
Notre Dame – Mostly SCORM content packets of resources and assignments
MIT – Videos and Resources for a hundred or so courses, some in languages other than english

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