Digital Storytelling

hidden_curriculumI just presented at the Digital Storytelling conference here in Madison, WI. In short, I made a case for a new way to look at learning, based in experiences rather than information transfer. 

Along the way, I told some stories myself: The pastor who worked with a neuroscientist to show that we live the lessons of your experiences not the facts we have learned, the sadu teaching content beyond facts and figures by telling stories in India and the programmer who could tell a tale about how they came to a solution.

We also talked a bit about the ARIS project and how we are building a tool to situate stories into spaces. I haven’t had much time to blog about ARIS, but I’ve presented on it four times in the last 6 weeks.


 Long story short, Chris Blakesley, Kevin Harris, Peter Debbink, Seann Dikkers and I have been working the last year and a half to design an iPhone game engine so that teachers can write mobile learning games. We are just getting out way to a “feature complete” version that we can begin sharing.

I hear the session was recorded, I’ll post the link when I find it.


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