2008 Student Technology Surveys

2008 Educause (ECAR) Study

Every year, Judy Caruso, a member of the CIO office of my department at UW, conducts a survey of about 25k students to see what they think about Girl with Laptoptechnology. Here is the complete ECAR study. Here are some findings that caught my eye. Some of these numbers are for only for the University of Wisconsin Madison:

  • Only .3% don’t own a computer
  • Only .9% use dial up internet (the rest have broadband)
  • 59.6 own an internet capable cell phone (16.4% plan to get one in one year)
  • 18% of freshman spend more than 16 hours/week on social networking
  • Fine Arts use the least amount of technology well, Engineering uses the most
  • Students believe that instructors do NOT understand their IT skill level
  • 47% of students believe that IT improves learning in courses, 37% were neutral
  • Only 26% believed that online recording of lectures tempt them to skip class more often
  • 76% believe they like to learn through internet searches, followed by 50% for games
  • 56.7% use social networking to set up conversation with other students about course material, only 1.7% use it for contacting their instructor 

DoIT Student Technology Report

This study was conducted by the DoIT communications team. The main thing I notices were the differences between the student and faculty uses of tech. Here are my favorites:

  • 88% of students, but only 59% of faculty use wikipedia
  • 78% of students, but only 39% of faculty use portable media devices
  • 85% of students, but only 45% of faculty use youtube
  • 75% of students, but only 35% of faculty use SMS
  • 65% of students, but only 31% of faculty use IM
  • 41% of faculty use google apps / gmail
  • 32% of students use a gaming console

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