Do the open movements create a democratic space for curriculum?

Being at the Open Education 2008 conference and meeting folks like David Wiley will get you thinking that open source thinking and the creative commons are going to save the world. Teachers like Michael Apple will make you pick up challenge and try to do something yourself.

I wanted to synthesize critical education theory and open education.

  • I love knowing that cell phones and blogs are providing an alternate communication mechanism for the oppressed to engage in authentic citizenship.
  • I am hopeful that researchers and teachers will realize that ideas are not theirs to “own” and sharing them gives their work meaning.
  • I am convinced that just because someone can afford MIT (or UW Madison) it doesn’t mean they are any better equipped to lead the world than someone who could not afford those degrees.

The problem is that even open access journals and open universities solve all the problems. They do however point us in a direction.

Take a look at the full paper, where I discuss everything from citizen journalism to economic systems. It is rough and young, but I hope some of these ideas will continue to take root in my career.



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