Embodied Cognition – Matt Gaydos

There are two terms that are interchangeability used often, though they are different:

  • Grounded Cognition – Grounded in many forms
  • Embodied Cognition – Grounded in context, physical cognition, perception of sences

It is popular to think of the mind as a wax tablet, a computer. It is a move from symbols to something else that is in the context of sensory input.

What does embodied cognition say about cognition?

  • Cognition is situated
  • Cognition is offloaded (tools for thoughts)
  • Cognition is for Action

Experiential learning therefore is an instructional design method based on the education psychology of EC.

Some readings on embodied cognition

  • Wilson, M (2202). SixViews of Embodied Cognition
  • Barsalou, L (2008) Grounded Cognition
  • Glenberg, A (1997) What Memory is For

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