ENGAGE Collaboration Data

ENGAGE Collaboration LogoThis week, Lindsey Schmidt worked up the results from the surveys we did concerning our work to integrate collaboration technologies into 34 courses, effecting about 1400 students here at UW Madison.

Here are some of the findings I found interesting:

  • In the pre-test, only about 50% of students said they “enjoy using tools like wikis, blogs, chat, discussion board, etc” with a slight increase in the post test.
  • 89% of the students said their group benefited from using technology tools for collaborative work. 80% of faculty said the same about their students work. About the same amount said that the tools made their work more convenient.
  • Over 80% of the instructors felt that using technology tools enhanced the quality of the final work.
  • Only about 65% of the students said they were “glad” technology was integrated into the course
  • The top tools that were ranked “extremely or quite helpful” were: F2F Meetings (85%), Email (83%), Wikis (58%), Discussion Boards (55%), Content Management Systems (52%), Chat (48%)
  • The top tools for coordinating F2F meetings were Email, Social Networking Sites, and IM Chat
  • Top tools for creati†ng presentations were: Email, Wiki, then Google
  • How did technology tools help? Convenience (39.9%), Reduced F2F time (31.3%), Common Place to Store Work (21.7%), Easy to Communicate (17.4%)
  • Students that understood exactly how the project related to the course objectives were much more likely to say they learn better in groups

More info about the ENGAGE Collaboration Project


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