A tool to analyze qualitative aspects of social networks

“You also have to prepare them for the work market and social competence”

Representing social networks currently allows for

  • Qualitative Relations
  • Clusters
  • Info flow

But the Negotiation of Meaning and Multiple points of view are not represented in current models and the purpose of this study.

Studying the Negotion of meaning

  • Evolution of concepts – For example, in week one we can track three meanings for a word but ass the weeks go on we can see if those converge. It might be that we just see a stubborn student stay separate.
  • We can also visualize the personal/professional empathy the students have for each others point of view, which will have an effect on any collaboration

To really boil it down, the goal is to visualize different ways that social interactions and perceptions can be visualized over time. MY questions is how those relate to group performance.

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