Themes I’m looking for at FIE2009

Attending a conference can be hard work. There are hundreds of folks presenting about things they are really interested in and the conference organizers do their best to collect those ideas into themes into 1.5 hour sessions. The problem is that every participant is organizing based on their own theme.

If this was simply a wiki, we could just tag-cloud the heck out of it and everyone would have their own custom schedule. In real life however, there are overhead costs of switching rooms and a bunch of work to plan it all out.

That said, here are the themes I am interested in seeing:

informal learning, contextualized learning, project-based pedagogues, new media (social, interactive, mobile)

So here is the plan for today

Monday 10-11

Start in La Princeta Room

Leave Session early, Jump to La Vista Room

Monday 2-4

Start in La Condesa East

Leave Session, jump to El Mirador West

Monday 4:30-6

Start in La Condesa East

Move to La Condesa West


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