Best .22 Ammo in Savage Mark II

I know,It’s kinda weird.

I live in one of the most progressive cities in the States united and I’m really into shooting guns. My favorite gun is a CZ 550 chambered for a .270. I also have a 12 gauge semi-automatic and most recently, a Savage Arms Mark II, .22 bolt action with a 4-12x40mm adjustable objective scope.

I wanted the .22 to learn marksmanship and to do that, I need to make sure that my rifle is as accurate as it can be (so I can see what mistakes I am making) and I wanted it to feel substantial like my .270. Overall, I’m quite happy with the Savage. In all honesty, its a bit of a toy in comparison to my CZ, but it has a nice weight and a good trigger and I’m hoping can be quite accurate out to 100 or 200 yards, even if it does drop about 3 feet!

After I picked it up and headed out to the range, I discovered the age old optics issue of parallax and upgraded the scope. Now I’m on to tuning ammo.

That said, here are the results of today’s shooting 15 rounds or 6 different kinds of inexpensive ammo in a series, then following up with 10 rounds of each. All shots were at 25 yards with some 10-15mi/h winds. Judge for yourself which held the tightest groups, but from here on, I’ll be buying the Peters and the Thunderbolt, that is after I try some proper CCI and Eley.

One thought on “Best .22 Ammo in Savage Mark II

  1. Its funny I found this, I just shot 5 or 6 varieties yesterday and found my Savage likes Thunderbolt as well!

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