Rapid Mobile Media Design and Prototyping

Last week I had a lot of fun. Chris Holden, a long term mentor and colleague in NM picked up a plane ticket and brought a student, Daniel Gosch from CO to join our team here at UW Madison for a 3 day design Jam.

We basically locked ourselves into a little room with a whiteboard, post it notes, markers, laptops, iPhones and an LCD projector and proceeded to generate piles of ideas, improvements to existing designs and prototypes of new mobile games by using a SCRUM-like process with just 2 hour iterations.

The picture above is me working with Dee, a brilliant student from Shabazz HS who is working with the ARIS crew to improve the authoring tool.

The event included a public workshop to teach folks on campus how to use ARIS, our mobile design platform, as well as a public playtest of hte designs we created during the week.

Take a look at http://arisgames.org/2010/11/madison-design-jam-postmortem/ if you are itching for more info.

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