A music game I co-designed with a great team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was recently featured in an article.     Read more…

Working with these guys was a lot of fun. Great student radio show and podcast that featured “Cool It,” an educational game I helped design. Listen to it here

Last week I had a lot of fun. Chris Holden, a long term mentor and colleague in NM picked up a plane ticket and brought a student, Daniel Gosch from CO to join our team here at UW Madison for a 3 day design Jam. We basically locked ourselves into a little room with a […]

A few weeks ago I taught a 2 hour workshop entitled “Re-imagining learning” to a group of 20 or so faculty of Governor’s State University. I had been down there before and was invited back, believe it or not. Yevette Brown, a associate professor of media and director of a group that facilities these kinds of learning ops asked […]

A short opinion piece I wrote for EQ was published this week. In the article, I make a case for a fundamental change in culture that is highlighted by the adoption mobile media, then show some examples of designs that look promising for situated, contextual, just-in-time, participatory, and personalized learning environments. See the full article […]

This summer, I had the pleasure of traveling out to D.C. to present alongside Nancy Proctor (Smithsonian), Chris Lehmann (Science Leadership Academy) and Yasser Ansari (NOAH Project) about the work being done by our GLS mobile learning team here in Madison. Click the image above to see a brief video describing the larger context for […]


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